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good morning, everyone. thank you very much for joining us. i'm jon kelley. marla tellez has the day off. we are learning some new details on the freeway shoot-out that kills two men after last night's warriors game. officers now confirming the pair were at the game before shots were fired. nbc's kristi smith has been following this story all morning long in oakland. she has the latest on the manhunt. what's the latest out there? >> good morning,eel jon. police say they know they attended the game at the oracle
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arena, then someone opened fire on the car. what they are going to do is take a close look at the security cameras and parking lot to see if they can find out what started it and who killed them. >> so what we're asking, we know there are thousands of fans. somebody may have seen mng or heard something. >> reporter: oakland police believe warriors fans could hold the key on why gunfire broke out on 880 after the playoffs game. >> we do know they left the coliseum, traveled northbound on 880. >> 10:35, 911 calls started coming in. a white porsche hit the guardrail near the center divide on jackson street turned sharply across four lanes and came to a stop. it was riddled with bullets. >> there was another vehicle witnesses described as a dark-colored suv-style vehicle traveling in lane three, rolls up alongside the porsche and begins firing into the porsche. >> reporter: dozens of round. the driver was killed.
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his passenger either jumped or fell from the car and was hit by another car. he, too, because killed. they both wore warriors shirts. police closed the highway for hours. whatever set this off, it appears the victims were unarmed. >> we didn't have any reports of firing from the porsche. to be firing at a moving vehicle in a densely populated area. it's not uncommon but it happens too often. we take that seriously, because any loss of life is a tragedy. >> reporter: now, this morning oakland police tell me that the driver who was shot and killed was not actually the registered owner of that porsche but they say it wasn't stolen. they believe that the men were in their late 20s, early 30s, african-american males. they are asking anyone who might have seen anything unusual to please give them a call. have seen anything unusual tv nbc, bay area news.
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>> thank you very much. a traffic stop at castro valley quickly turns into an officer-involved shooting this morning. alameda county sheriff's deputies say they spotted a green buick with stolen plates on 580 in castro valley. after a chase the car stopped. the driver was tackled to the ground by a sheriff's deputies. a female passenger, she tried to run but didn't get too far before they caught her. a third suspect got into the driver's seat, temed to drive away and drag a deputy with them. they fired a shot at the car and hit the driver. that second driver is now recovering at the çhospital. chp trying to figure how a car ended on its roof abandoned on the side of the highway in san jose. you can see the damage there. officers say somebody reported seeing this car in the northbound lanes of 280 just basscom exit r in the there. inside officers, they found a loaded gun. a witness saw the driver actually get up and walk away from the scene.
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at this point officers don't know where he went. richmond police very busy this morning on the hunt for the person who shot and killed a grandmother as she sat in the front room of her apartment. this morning a small memorial for bonita todd just outside of that apartment on 20th street. police say wednesday night miss todd was sitting inside when suddenly shots rang out and she was hit. a few other people were inside that house at the time, including her son who actually was grazed. police at this point think he was the intended target. >> the information we have is that the sun was the intended target. she unfortunately had to suffer. >> her daughter is my best friend. they helped me through a lot of hard times. she didn't deserve this. >> such a sad reality on this one. police not commenting on a motive justí&1 yet, adding at t point they have very little information on any suspects.
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the man accused of stabbing and killing his mother and 1-year-old nephew in his san jose home expect to be facing a judge today. reuben ramirez being arraigned on murder and attempted murder charges for the attacks on wednesday. he's also accused of stabbing and injuring his 3-year-old niece. she's in the hospital listed in stable sentence. the santa clara county sheriff's department said ramirez does have mental illness and deputies had been called to that home before. credit card skimmers, there's a scam going on in walnut creek with those skimming devices causing big time concern for police. officers say the skimmers are so good, you don't even notice the machines you paywxcu have been tampered with. the problem is so big, police have gone to every station telling them about it. they are also alerting bay area police department. tuesday a skimmer found at the chevron on north main. wednesday another at the valero on north broadway.
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how this device actually works is the drivers swipe their cards, the information is then transmitted to a tiny device hooked up inside the pumps. officers say it's very important to always be alert when you're paying for gas. >> is the lock broken, does the door swing wide open, are there wires exposed. does the door look bent. >> so you're being told to be aware and be warned. it's possible there are skimmers out there in place. make sure, as always, keep an eye on bt activity and make sure you're not a victim for skimmers. could be more downer news with america's cup today with another team dropping out. it's been rough for these guys. the owner of the italian team holding a news conference this afternoon. he says at this point he has no plans to actually drop out of the race, but his team may end up saying otherwise. training, all the runs there have been canceled sinceú8m they 9th death of sailor andrew simpson. so far all four teams in the
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race. the arrival of the italian team's owner has a lot of people wondering what will happen next. san jose grabbing the spotlight several hours from now as some of the world's best cyclists take part in stage six of the amgen. this one individual time trials running 20 miles through shaez. bob redell going above and beyond the call of duty actually put in a few miles. he joinsgx with a closer look. how are your legs feeling? >> reporter: much better. yes, in an hour 45, more than 100 of the world's top cyclists will be heading down bailey road from the ibm lab in south san jose. fkuát trial. they will end up with a grueling climb up metcalf motor park capping off what you mentioned will be stage six of the amgen tour of california. some of these cyclists will be on bikes made by specialized bicycling headquartered down the
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street from us in morgan hill. this morning they unveiled their latest tool in bike design, a wind tunnel built specifically for testing bicycles. in the past they had to rent time at airplane tunnels. those are too fast, too big, this is ideal, right for slower wind speeds like 30 miles an hour, which can help engineers build a bike with better wind resistance, cutting through theñ air, sensors to measure side force and drag. what's remarkable is how such a little change in design can make such a huge difference on the road. >> it's down to 2 grams. like standing on the bathroom scale holding a paper clip. except the difference is turning sideways and measuring drag as opposed to gravity. >> multiple bikes with riders in the tunnel to measure how well they draft off each other, a technique they have been using in the tour, except today. stage six being a time trial is strictly every man for himself.
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that will be starting at 12:45 here by the ibm lab, as i mentioned, roughly a 20-mile leg. tomorrow is stage seven leaving livermore heading to mount diablo, 90 mile stage, elevation of 10,000 feet. sunday the final stage, stage eight, 81 miles roughly from san francisco to santa rosa where the race will end. when it's all said and done, it will be eight stages, 750 miles up the coast of california. what's different this year, they started in southern california and are ending up here in norcal. it's always been the other way around in years past. they are definitely doing it different this year. if you want 12:45 time travel -- time trial, get here as soon as you can. parking is limited. they do advise if you want to get here don't bring a car, bring a bike. reporting live, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> i get exhausted looking at the track.
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i just got training wheels off my bike. christina loren is in right now. looks like a great weekend for bike riding. >> it is nice. i don't know if you noticed from the live picture, bob redell is the only one with a jacket on. i saw short shorts. what a beautiful day we have. this is what riders can expect. lets take it right to your amgen tour. this is what we're expecting, temperatures in the 70s, by 2:00 p.m., 70, really nice for them. we've got a major warm-up headed this way for the weekend. look at the difference today versus sunday, major warming just ahead. close to 90 in inland cities by the weekend and sunday also happens to be the big beta breakers race. we'll let you know. it's going to be a warm one this year. things you want to know before you head out to run that race. it's going to be a pretty good party, though. >> you've got arms moving, looks like you're ready. >> i'm ready for friday, head out the door there. >> we think alike. we'll check back with you later.
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they call this wild, wacky, going on at the same time as the bike race. nou what we're talking about, beta breakers. happens this sunday. sunnis the annual beta breakers race. this time a little different vibe. organizers say there will be tougher enforcements on the rules. this year it's reversed. instead of going north to south, they started south in l.a. clothing and bid numbers this year mandatory and no alcohol on the course. emphasis on security in light of the deadly boston marathon bombings. police and bomb sniffing dogs will be out in greater numbers this year. for the record if you're thinking about going over to check it out, sunday's race starts at 7:00 a.m. and you might imagine a busy weekend in the bay area. of course we can expect a whole lot of traffic on the roads. he going to look like. >> that's right. the bay to breakers race is one of the reasons why there's no such thing as a sunday drive through san francisco.
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lets show you why. this compact race cuts the city in half, on the left, green do the, financial district off embarcadero, road closures across the city to golden gate park finish line on the west end there. as the crowds clear, savvy locals now you can sneak to the star area and get around other closures of embarcadero along the coast. right about then swimmers from alcatraz sharkfest head to sea, aquatic park off embarcadero. other crowds in the work aron. this is a problem. mob?8lf a problem if you're heading to the north bay across golden gate bridge. the wine festival a big draw on the golden gate where amgen tour of california, the bike race, also adds more congestion heading to the north bay. if you're heading to the finish line for that race, better news. you can completely stay clear heading to santa rosa. use east shore through berkeley, 580, san rafael to san rafael,
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join up 101 and head towards santa rosa. that will allow you to stay welo clear of madness we're talking about in the city. you can visit the city another day, a more relaxing day. send it back to you. >> comprehensive coverage around the bay area. coming up, how about trying to poach bay area workers, the country -- that's right. the country trying to lure away some of the best tech workers in the area and what it's promising that america cannot deliver. plus, that's it, the powerball craze sweeping california since this game got started last month. you've heard of more money, more problems. this time it's more benefits for your kids. we'll show you that next. >> that and a maker fair as well. a previewçñ of that big event coming up in business and tech.
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welcome back everybody. oakland's top cop is reaching out to the community he's protecting and seing, interim
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chief visitparker elementary sct oakland. this marks his very first visit to a school since taking over as chief. he's out there asking students to live in tougher neighborhoods what they would like to see from police. he tells us most of them just told him they simply want to be safe. former chief howard jordan bankruptly stepped down just last week. just like texas governor rick perry pulled off and is still trying to do, somebody else working hard to steal bay area talent and business. this time around it's an entire country. canada's minister of citizenship in the bay area trying to convince best and brightest to move north. his name jason kenny and now telling mercury news the american immigration system is simply dysfunctional. but guess what, canada is open for business. if people do qualify, they will get the canadian equivalent of a green card. kenny will be in san francisco and silicon valley promoting
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visa for startup entrepreneurs. get ready all kinds of great things to do this weekend. scott mcgrew, he knows where he'll be. >> reporter: good morning. i'm going to be at the maker fair along with a whole lot of other people. it's at the san mateo fairgrounds. saturday and sunday. this is arc attack. this is all so very cool. i recommend this every year. it's a gathering of inventors and geeks and builders and robot creators and explosives experts and rocketeers. you name it. okay. two warnings for you, though. first, it's a bit expensive. an adult is about $30. it is like going to disney land. you have to pretty much expect to spend the whole day there and parking and traffic tend to be tough. jon, you remember this morning we had gadget friday. it was a 3d printer. now, we've given it all morning to print. so here it is, it's printing a coffee cup. we're going to speed up the video a little so you can see how x there it's going $1200.
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these printers are now at staples of all places. you really know 3d printing has come into the mainstream when it's at staples. you use hot, gooey plastic out of this tube to build automatically whatever you can design in a 3d cad program, computer aided design. cad is not for the feint of heart but this is an early look of what may be commonplace someday. jon, i know you told me to go get you a cup of coffee. we're working on it. it may take some time. >> all righty. i'll take the earl gray. i never knew there was such a good use for hot, gooey plastic. get ready, saturday's powerball pushing passed a massive $600 million. for the record, it's the highest ever. a lot of jackpot credit going right here to the golden state. w$83 million in powerball tickets since just joining the game last month. that, of course, is helping fuel the fast growing jackpots. it's also having a little
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unexpected benefit. the game was originally expected to generator about $50 million for california public education this year, but it's really been a roll. state lottery the director says the schools are going to get a lot more money. so along with trying to win your riches, do one for the kids and get a couple extra tickets. christina loren is going to join us back here. i love the shots. the sunshine makes me want to get outside now. >> what's so great, we had the rain come through during the workweek. we're going to see a lot of sunshine over the course of the workweek. no shortage in san francisco. look at foot traffic on the golden gate bridge. you missouri what, you see this beautiful clear sky, nonetheless, flight delays across sfo. those should be clearing up, 15 to 30 minute taxi delays, due to sheer volume of people getting into the city for bay to breakers and all the amazing events we have happening in the bay area over the weekend. 63 in livermore, 74 san jose, 63 in gilroy.
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cold air continues to pump on shore. cloud cover this morning, we have cool sea breeze moving all the way inland courtesy of yesterday. keep down below seasonal averages. mix out quickly. high pressure comes in, drives up temperatures for the weekend, towards the mark. 69 in livermore, 66 in san francisco. is, want to spend a little time, help you make those weekend plans after all. you made it to friday. there's the biggest change. going to stay hot monday. tuesday into wednesday not quite as warm. jon, we're going to get into the stretch of beautiful spring-like weather. you don't need the ac. you don't need the heater. it's perfect. you can't complain about that. over to you. >> that's what we're talking about. last night not the sunny good vibration. up against the kings when everything simply fell apart. l.a. rips off two goals in less
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than 30 seconds to wrap up that game. they win it 4-3, l.a. taking two games to none lead in that series. tough to be the champs. they have got time. sharks heading back home for home cooking. game three tomorrow night at the tank. also not a great one for the warriors. their playoff run unfortunately is over. young golden state warriors unable to hold off spurs. san antonio wraps up, 4-2. beat warriors. despite the setback, they have done great. steph curry, like terminator, bank on it, they will be back. nba superstar. tell you about him and what he'll soon add to his list of achievements, includes cal graduate. stick around.
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all right, everybody. thousands plan to graduate from cal. one of those proud students wearing a cap and gown happens to be an nba hall of famer. his name, isaiah thomas. he says when he left indiana university early to go pro as a sophomore, he made a big time promise to his mom he would finish his undergraduate degree and he kept that promise this weekend. he's actually going to do mom one better, graduating from uc berkeley with a masters in education. congratulations to zeke. thomas says he'll be at the commencement to walk across the stage. beautiful day for his mom as well i'm sure. speaking of commencement, steve wozniak will address them. for the record, yes, he was an alum of uc berkeley. you and i use them to leave notes. another purpose for post its, colorful and time consuming prank coming up after this break.
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we wrap things up this
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morning, maybe if you're board this weekend, here is something you canfn! do. show you what guys with way too much time on their hands pulled off. how about this, parked outside of roanoke, virginia grocery store there, yeah, a bunch of friends decided to prank the owner. covered his car in post it notes. how about that one. turns out the car's owner, jacob parker had an early shift at work when his buddies came by and didn't have anything better to pp÷do. they get hundreds of post its. they did a good job, kind of symmetrical. parker said he was surprised and thought, you know what, pretty cool. >> did they accomplish their goal if he wasn't mad? that is the question. >> they burned off quality time. that. i have post its everywhere. get to be old like me, put them up. >> someone put wash me on my car. that was it. >> indeed. you're not old. come on now. >> gooday to wash your car.
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enjoy, everybody. see you tomorrow. ♪
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we don't have a ten step filtering process for our water. we don't need it. because crystal geyser is made by nature, not by man. crystal geyser is always bottled at the mountain source.
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